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About us

How to live? What to have? How to organize your world? Too much thought misses the point, because life doesn't pause for planning. Yet experience shows the infinite value of the well-placed object. It can transform the way we live our lives. 

We provide you with these everyday objects, and we do so with your convenience in mind – so that you can plan bigger and live better. We want you to get on with healthy, convenient, clutter-free life, while we take care of the little things.

What is good health, but saving time in the long run? Well, you might answer, good health is also a better quality of now.  Our products do things better. They may save time now, they may save it later; but all of them make time better spent. 

Joylands is technology, pure and simple. Which means good stuff, really. It's better organisation of human space and human life. It's reduced stress and reduced fatigue. It's beauty. And we know that beauty can mean different things to different people.

Our belief is that our surroundings are not a luxury. They hold the possibilities to our success. Habit is essential, precisely because it is so mundane. Where and when we don't think, we shape who we one day will be.

It is not a philosophy. It is not a way of life. It's an appreciation of fantastic function, so that life gets all of us, whatever our philosophy might be.

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