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This Screw Kit includes screws of different sizes. The set contains hardened, countersunk, cross head screws that are perfect for diiferent purposes, e.g. forworking with wood.

- 130pcs;
- wood screws: 3*12mm (42pcs); 3,5*19mm (22pcs); 4*19mm (16pcs); 4*25mm (9pcs); 5*30mm (5pcs);
-semi-round wood screws: 3.5*19mm (17pcs); 4*25mm (11pcs); 4*30mm (8pcs).
size 9 x 13.5 x 2.2 cm 3.55 x 5.32 x 0.87"
weight 0.19 kg 0.4 lbs

130pcs Screw Assortment Kit

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