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This original and lifelike succulent in a glass pot represents the vibrancy and natural beauty of real plants. The pot is filled with fake snow in soil to make it more realistic looking.

Clutter-free Idea: it is totally maintenance free, and doesn't come with the drawbacks of dead leaves, spilt soil and leaking water, and you never have to worry about the effects of disease, or possible pests. It is perfect for bringing a home or work space to life as it will last a lifetime.

Product Features:
- High quality materials (PQFL).
- Great natural and realistic appearance.
- Compact size - great for those little corners.
size 9 x 24 x 9 cm 3.55 x 9.46 x 3.55"
weight 0.4 kg 0.9 lbs

Artificial Succulent in Snow N3

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